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Are we an official partner of Realmadrid Foundation?

  • In February 2011 we signed an agreement with Realmadrid Foundation in Spain to open football academies for the youth in UAE  to advocate a healthy lifestyle through the practice of sports and wholesome diets.

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Is there an initial assessment before the student joins the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE?

  • Yes, there is an initial assessment process. Firstly we request that the student carries out a self-assessment on skills level, this is usually done with the assistance of a parent, then one of our qualified team will carry out the same assessment, the results of these assessments are then compared and discussed.


Are there any other restrictions as to who can join the academy, apart from age limit?

  • Our aim at the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE is to foster the participation of all children, boys and girls alike, as we see sport as a fundamental part of a child’s education, comparable to the subject of Physical Education included in the obligatory educational curriculum.


Who is permitted to train at the Academy?

  • We actively encourage all children and youths, boys and girls alike, between the ages of 4 and 17 to train here at the Academy and currently have a number of female students enrolled at present with the numbers increasingly steadily.


What are the ages of students accepted at the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE?

  • We accept students from the minimum age of 4 years old until the age of 17.


Are students separated into age groups for training purposes?


How many students are there in each group?

  • There are a maximum of 14 students per group.


What is the ratio of coaches to players?

  • We generally maintain a ratio of 1 dedicated coach to 15 students.


Where  can I find out about the Realmadrid Academy Foundation UAE Coaching Team?

  • Read all about our coaches here


How many training sessions per week are scheduled for the students?


What is the duration of each training session?

  • All sessions are 70 minutes.


Where are the training grounds located?


Does the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE offer a transportation service?

  • We do not offer a transportation service as we actively encourage the parents to be present to support and encourage their children during the training sessions.


What is the Registration Fee?

  • There is a seasonal 'one time only 'registration fee of AED 500, this fee includes the kit (uniform, bag and water bottle).

  • Please feel free to contact us for further details on fees.


Is it possible to buy additional or replacement uniform items?

  • Yes of course, extra uniform cost AED350, please contact a member of the team for details.


If a student misses a training session will a replacement session be offered?

  • We encourage our students to commit to the training schedule. This will have a positive effect on their life and will be reflected on their commitment on all levels.

  • Please note that should a training session be cancelled by the Academy due to bad weather, a public holiday or unforeseen circumstances then this training session will be rescheduled and students informed.


What are the benefits of the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE training program?

  • As an Academy, we are looking to do more for the students than merely teach them football.  We are looking to use football as a tool for our students to become better people as a whole so they can take the values we will teach back to everyday life both at home and at school.


When will students begin to notice the improvements?

  • The students are assessed every 16 weeks by one of our coaching team. During these assessments, improvements will be monitored and recorded. With commitment to the program, the students should notice a steady improvement continuously throughout their training.

  • Students who have completed 4 months continuous training are evaluated and monitored by their coaches and their progress awarded at our regular Certificate CeremoniesPlease note students MUST complete 4 months continuous training to be included in this evaluation process.


Do we have a physiotherapist on site during training sessions?

  • We maintain a minimum of 3 coaches on site all of whom are fully trained in first aid and basic sports medicine.